Vault: security systems

The vault is equipped with the most advanced surveillance technology systems. In details, the entire area has been equipped with multiple protection systems such as fire detectors, intrusion detectors, video surveillance, and access control. All are SES certified to ensure compliance with the quality requirements and safety standards recognized by the Swiss Insurance Association (ASA) and the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Institutes (AICAA).
Specifically: The fire detection system is designed according to the current VKF / SES regulations with connection to the CECAL operations center.
The Anti-intrusion System is designed according to the general protection criteria VKF grade 2.
The video surveillance system consists of cameras that monitor the entire surface, inside and outside the vault, 24/24. The images are processed in real time by a video analysis system able to identify people and actions in real time.

Vault: temperature and humidity control systems

The vault is equipped with an industrial climate system capable of maintaining a constant temperature and humidity, which create the ideal environment for the preservation of works. The system ensures proper temperatures over the entire surface with a relative constant humidity as for statement UNI10829. The air conditioning system is connected to the auxiliary generator, which guarantees its operation even in the absence of electrical energy. The climate system is constantly monitored by a network of sensors that manage the correct cooling and that allow a constant monitoring by operators and customers. All areas of the vault are equipped with LED lighting to ensure optimal light irradiation and storage conditions.